Find your Perfect Base Coat

A Base Coat is a transparent layer that you apply to your nails before painting. It prevents the polish from soaking into your nails. Finding the best Base Coat for your gel polish can be a challenge. The choice is huge! We are happy to explain which Base Coat from Pink Gellac suits you best.
Pink Gellac


The Base is 100% vegan and HEMA-free. This Base Coat ensures optimal adhesion of many nail types! A manicure with the Base can be removed in just 8 minutes. The best result is achieved in combination with the Prep Booster.

Pink Gellac

Peel Base Coat

The Peel Base is specially developed to change the colour more often. With the use of Peel Base as a base coat, you can effortlessly pull off the manicure after 7 to 10 days like a sticker. Please note that you can only use this product in combination with our Prep Booster. As a set, you can buy both products at an extra low price. Both products air dry in 30 seconds. After drying, apply the colour and top coat as usual. You can also apply the Rubber Base after the Peel Base to strengthen your nail. Highly recommended!

Pink Gellac

Vita Base Coat

This Vita Base by Pink Gellac contains vitamins B5 and E, which stimulate the growth of the nails.

Pink Gellac

Rubber base coat

The Rubber Base is a water-resistant basecoat with high viscosity. This flexible rubber basecoat of Pink Gellac gives extra strength to weak brittle nails. Because of the special structure, the Rubber Base is suitable for creating beautiful full nails and a rounded shape. You will achieve an optimal result in combination with the Prep Booster!

Pink Gellac

Rubber base cover

The Rubber Base Cover of Pink Gellac is just like the Rubber Base a water-resistant base with a high viscosity. The difference is in the colour. Where the Rubber Base is colourless, the Rubber Base Cover is available in five nude shades with the reinforcement that you are used to from the Rubber Base!

Pink Gellac

Base Extend Coat

The Base Extend is a popular base coat from Pink Gellac. It is ideal for normal and strong nails. This base coat, with the addition of a primer, allows the manicure to adhere extra long. The slightly thicker substance ensures a double strengthening of the nail. You will achieve optimum results in combination with the Prep Booster!