130 Luxury Gold
130 Luxury Gold
130 Luxury Gold
130 Luxury Gold
130 Luxury Gold
130 Luxury Gold
130 Luxury Gold
130 Luxury Gold
Pink Gellac

130 Luxury Gold

gold gel polish with glitter - 15 ml

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Pink Gellac

14 days salon quality nails

Pink Gellac

100% vegan & HEMA-free

Pink Gellac

Remove in 10 min


#130 Luxury Gold
#130 Luxury Gold  #299 Coco White
Pink Gellac

How to apply gel polish?

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Looks so very nice, but is gift so not tried myself

Ingrid Ludeking ( 23 days ago )

Beautiful color

corinne de Soet ( 56 days ago )

The color after 2 x coats becomes a little beige and falls away against your skin. Perhaps more suitable to apply it over a base color.

Yvonne ( 73 days ago )

It’s shining very nice

Karo Nails Amsterdam ( 85 days ago )

Good coverage

ine r ( 86 days ago )

nice color matches image, does not always stay on well

Rosalie ( 114 days ago )

Beautiful color

Latoya ( 134 days ago )

Beautiful color

Marie ( 135 days ago )

Very nice

Elin ( 141 days ago )

Very nice color for the holidays or when there is a special event.

katty peeters ( 145 days ago )

Nice coverage and very good on the nail. One application is enough.

WOUTER P. ( 150 days ago )

Beautiful bright color. Beautiful for the holidays. Luxury

H Kok ( 165 days ago )

Just enough glitter

M van der Heyden ( 196 days ago )

Three coats needed to fully cover but beautiful color!

Nadia M ( 219 days ago )

Chic and easy to apply.

Hoogeboom ( 413 days ago )

A beautiful gold color!

Senora56 ( 512 days ago )

Very very thick gel

Daisy Van de Winckel ( 545 days ago )

Very thin. You need several layers.

Laila ( 620 days ago )

Not done on my nails yet. Already tried on my nail wheel though and looks so beautiful. After one coat already beautiful but after a second coat and finishing with the ultra shine really beautiful!

lene ( 633 days ago )