07 May 24

The ultimate guide to find the best wedding gel polish colour

On the hunt for the perfect nail colour for the most important day of your life? Let us guide you through our most popular gel polish colours for brides. Our list includes more subtle, elegant colours, most of them being beige, white, nude or light pinks. More into vibrant colours? Our 109 Lipstick Red would be lovely as well, because who doesn’t love a good red colour on the nails?

Not a better day for shimmer gel nail polish than your wedding day, right? The first 8 will be shimmer colours. Then we also will give you 6 other favourites without shimmer.

Pink Gellac

1. 304 Radiant White

A gorgeous colour if you would ask us. A white colour with a warm undertone and gold shimmers reflecting the sun in a way you will remember. Elegant yet classy, perfect if you prefer to wear gold jewellery.

Pink Gellac

2. 143 Magic Pearl

Prefer to have a more pearly golden effect? Then could 143 Magic Pearl be the showstopper of the day. A pearly white with yellow golden sheen hinting towards mettalic. A true classic bridal colour for your wedding day.

Pink Gellac

3. 408 Sorbet Peach

Do you like an extra golden warm undertone, go for 408 Sorbet Peach. It has a pearly effect, giving classy yet outgoing.

Pink Gellac

4. 144 Romantic Pink

Looking for a more nude shade rather than white? With shimmer, but not too gold or silver? Than is 144 Romantic Pink a perfect match. It is already in the name but this is a timeless subtle romantic colour. Go check it out!

Pink Gellac

5. 321 Satin Pink

Fancy soft pink colours? This is a very pretty colour, with a very subtle golden shimmer infused. This colour will cover in 1-2 layers.

Pink Gellac

6. 165 champagne

More into ivory colours with a pearly finish? 165 Champagne says it all. A more pearly effect rather than having glitters. A very classy colour.

Pink Gellac

7. 401 Marzipan beige

This colour is a perfect beige shade, with subtle shimmer, not being gold ór silver. This 401 Marzipan Beige is full pigment.

Pink Gellac

8. 305 Pearly Nude

Do you like nude pink colours, than this 305 Pearly nude is a perfect option for you. It is full-coverage and has a beautiful subtle shimmer infused. This makes it that bit more special for your wedding day.

Not a fan of shimmer? Than these 6 will suit you better:

Pink Gellac

1. 388 Rosewater Pink

After launching this colour, it quickly became a favourite of all of us. Originally being limited edition, but could not resist to bring it back an always on colour. This is a very light, cool toned pink colour. It is semi-transparent, giving you the perfect milky look.

Pink Gellac

2. 398 Sakura Pink

Another one that quickly grew to become one of our favourites. 398 Sakura Pink has a similar undertone as the option before, but with a bit more coverage. This one can hint towards lilac, confirming it has very cool undertone.

Pink Gellac

3. 320 Powder Pink

Do you fancy 321 Satin Pink, but not a fan of shimmer? 320 Powder Pink is an amazing powdery pink shade. This shade is full pigment and gives you that really clean looking effect.

Pink Gellac

4. 294 Bridal Beige

The name says it all: 294 BRIDAL Beige. The perfect beige tone for your wedding day. A full coverage beige with a subtle pink undertone.

Pink Gellac

5. 383 Icy White

Prefer to wear white gel polish on your wedding day. Opt for this milky white shade. These types of white are very trendy, giving you a more toned down version than the classic white.

Pink Gellac

6. 329 Vanilla Cream

Looking for a cream coloured gel polish? 329 Vanilla Cream has a beautiful warm undertone. This one has a semi-milky coverage, meaning that after thin layers you probably will see a little bit of natural nail peeking trough.

Unsure which colour to choose for your special day? We invite you to seek advice at one of our colour boutiques. Our friendly experts are eager to assist you in finding the perfect shade to make your wedding day truly memorable. We hope this was helpful!