Peel Base
Peel Base
Peel Base
Peel Base

Peel Base

base coat - 15 ml

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Pink Gellac

14 days salon quality nails

Pink Gellac

100% vegan & HEMA-free

Pink Gellac

Remove in 10 min

How to apply gel polish?

Learn how to apply gel polish in 3 easy steps

Product reviews


Based on 162 reviews

Applies nicely. Idk if it works yet since I just applied it

Britt G ( 3 days ago )

Very nice product, without Peel base for me, no Pg lacquer

Miranda ( 3 days ago )

Works super nice!

liza gielen ( 5 days ago )

Works really well !

Maura Gans ( 5 days ago )

Works great and only needs very little of it.

Marielle ( 6 days ago )

Top product and idd fast get back off when one wishes t

Heidi Lammertyn ( 8 days ago )

Very easy

Jennifer van Dalen ( 14 days ago )

Super product, easy to remove the "old" nail polish and it does not damage your nails!

Thea Oudhof ( 15 days ago )

Very fine product making varnish quick, safe and easy to remove.

C. Verheugt ( 16 days ago )

Just used once, so can't really give an opinion on it yet. Works very easily, though.

Annette ( 16 days ago )

So nice not to have to soak your nails off, works great.

Angela ( 17 days ago )

Am happy with it!

Sigrid Haan ( 17 days ago )

Works well. Useful for removing gel polish.

Cindy Kloosterman ( 18 days ago )

I love this. No lengthy fiddling to get your nails off

AJ van den Born ( 26 days ago )

Works perfectly for me

Jolanda Van zijl ( 27 days ago )

Very easy to remove if you want to change colors regularly

Linda Wouters ( 27 days ago )

Very nice!

marly wesseling ( 28 days ago )

Peel base is the solution to professionally paint your nails as an amateur. You simply pull the color off. After practicing a few times it now stays on for more than 2 weeks. For tips you can always email Pink Gellac, very nice!

Anoniem ( 30 days ago )

Goed product

M Brandsma ( 31 days ago )