07 April 21

Pop Nail Art

Create your own iconic nails with our Pop Art Nail tutorial.

What do you need?

  • The basics such as the Prep Booster, polishing block, a LED lamp, a Base Coat and a Top Coat
  • 120 Beautiful Black
  • 299 Coco White
  • Your favourite base colour

  • Prep your nails

    Prepare your nails by filing them into the desired shape. Remove the natural shine from your nails with the polishing block. Use the Cleaner to clean and degrease your nails. Apply the Prep Booster and let it air dry for 30 seconds. 


    Apply your favourite base coat and let it cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp.

    Step 2 - Apply first layer of gel polish colour

    Apply the colour layer and let it cure for 60 seconds in the LED lamp. 

    Step 3 - Apply black lines

    Apply a little 120 Beautiful Black and 299 Coco White on a pallet. Draw a black line around the nail with a fine line brush and let it cure for 60 seconds in the LED lamp.

    Step 4 - Drawing

    First make a square with 299 Coco White and a kind of comma sign just below it. Make sure it is right under the square. Cure the nail in the LED lamp for 60 seconds.

    Step 5 - Draw black lines

    Make a thin line with 120 Beautiful Black around the white areas and cure the nail for 60 seconds in the LED lamp.

    Step 6 - Apply Top Coat

    Apply a topcoat and let it cure for 60 seconds in the LED lamp - Only 'Shine' leaves a sticky layer after curing that is cleaned with Pink Cleaner after a cooling period of 2 minutes.

    120 Beautiful Black
    120 Beautiful Black
    13,00 €
    299 Coco White
    299 Coco White
    13,00 €