145 Gipsy Blue PRO
145 Gipsy Blue PRO
145 Gipsy Blue PRO
145 Gipsy Blue PRO
145 Gipsy Blue PRO
145 Gipsy Blue PRO
Pink Gellac

145 Gipsy Blue PRO

aqua blue gel polish - 15 ml

99 kr

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Pink Gellac

14 days beautiful nails

Pink Gellac

cruelty free

Pink Gellac

remove in 10 mins


#145 Gibsy Blue

How to apply gel polish?

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Fan!!! Nice and eye-catching 😍Only doesn't last 14 days with me, only 5 days.

Manon ( 483 days ago )

nice color

esmee ( 530 days ago )

Nice color, the lacquer is thick though, this does make it cover well. Let it dry for a while before adding top coat.

Annelyn ( 577 days ago )

................. ,....

Maria Ciascai ( 607 days ago )

Can't wait to try out this color as well....

HCK ( 636 days ago )

Incredibly beautiful. Stays on well. Very positive about it.

Yara Bos ( 641 days ago )

Beautiful color

Mevr. Marjolein van der Woude ( 1460 days ago )

Nice color, reminds me of blue sky

Marijke Vanderzeypen ( 1511 days ago )

Good quality and exactly the color as shown in the example!

Mustang65 ( 2057 days ago )

Beautiful color nice and summery

C. S. ( 2083 days ago )

A lovely fis tan

stefanie ( 2107 days ago )

Sun sea beach and this summer color

Chantal Kösters ( 2329 days ago )

Sweet soft color. For many occasions.

Babs ( 2335 days ago )

Beautiful, soft yet vibrant color

Mieke Van Huffelen ( 2336 days ago )

Very beautiful color! Want something special, choose this color!

Joyce V. ( 2337 days ago )

Nice Ibiza style color!!!

Marica Van der Schrier ( 2340 days ago )

It is a very nice color! Very cheerful and the lacquer stays on well. I enjoyed it for 2 weeks.

Fay van Orden ( 2419 days ago )

Very beautiful color! The colors are just the same on the nails as in the photos!

Nathalie Verboven ( 2439 days ago )

Lovely summery and sunny effect

Ine ( 2444 days ago )