09 December 21

Night Nail Mask

Do you suffer from dry or distorted nails? then the night nail mask is the ultimate solution for you!

Apply this peel-off overnight treatment before going to sleep and nourish your nails while you’re sleeping! The Night Nail Mask nourishes, repairs and strengthens the nails. The next morning you will wake up with beautiful, shiny and healthy nails!

How does the Night Nail Mask work?

  1. Push back the cuticles. Clean and dry the nails before going to bed.
  2. Apply multiple layers of the Night Nail Mask to the entire nail. Avoid contact with the skin.
  3. Let the Night Mask dry and soak in during the night
  4. Carefully peel off the Night Mask from the nails and rinse your hands
  5. Enjoy your hydrated and shiny nails!